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was born in Bandung West Java - July 10 1956 descendant of a traditional Batik making family in central Java, she is Moslem and Active Indonesia, English, Dutch.

She has had the opportunity to finish her business marketing and finance studies at the university of San Francisco. Having returned to Indonesia in 1980.

Carmanita became interested in and concentrated on what up till now has been carried out by her anceslor namely the traditional batik making.

In her development rather than conservatively embracing traditional pattern she progresively observed other aspect of the universal character within the traditional cloth.

The effort of combining of traditional pattern is with stylization forms of nature was seriously attempted including the combining of traditional colors with modern ones.

The bussiness of fashion Designing was then started in 1982
P.T. Amtrend Sentana Garment
was established further the a lot of dynamic fashion creation which still has the traditional roots were produced beside non traditional ones.

Her creation became known several well known magazines have placed them several enterprises has entrusted Amtrend with production of made uniform, textiles for hotels, bankings international airport, airlines, and also product ready to wear garment and produced it’s own textile with technic prints and hand batik.

For then on the effort to penetrate the international market has become known as to several European Countries and United States.

Pittman College
Perth West Australia 1974

City College San Francisco
USA 1975-1977

University of San Francisco

Assistant Lecturer
during the 3rd Year at the U.S.F

Part Time worker
The Bank of America San Francisco 1979,
The I Magnin Dep. Store Marketing & Purchasing Dept.

Teaching at Futura Fashion School
Jakarta 1995 up till now.

Marketing for Arthur Harland product 1981
during his absence in Indonesia in the production
of mass garment.

Designer competition won 3rd prize 1987
held by a well known magazine FEMINA.

Pret a Porter - Paris 1987

Entering the prospect of market in Europe.

Expo International by department of trade
held in 1988 and 1989 at Hall Of Nation, Jakarta Fair.

Fashion and cultural Show “ Made in Indonesia “
held in Singapore 1990 at World Trade Center,

Trend Batik 1990
held by The Indonesian Fashion Designer Council.

Pasar Malam 1991
Den Hagg Visit Indonesian Year.

Visit Indonesian Year 1991
Hyatt Sanur, Bali.

Visit Indonesia Year 1991
Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali.

Indonesian Promotion Touriest Singapore 1991

Trend 1991 I.F.D.C

Trend 1992 I.F.D.C

Indonesian Culture Hudson Bay Department Store
Vancouver Montreal Toronto Canada, 1992.

Trend 1993 I.F.D.C

Culture Exchange Exhibition of Indonesia
Malaysia in Kucing Malaysia 1993.

Trend 1994 I.F.D.C

Asean Designer Show Singapore Fashion

Connection, September 22,1994 Mandarin Hotel

A.P.E.C Batik Wool Exhibition
November 1994, Jakarta

Trend 1995 I.F.D.C

Jakarta Tourist Promotion Japan Tokyo and Nagoya,
March 1995

Trend 1996 I.F.D.C

Clinic Design for Department of Trade and Industry
as consultant and exhibited textiles self
collection April 20, 1996.

Designer for Danar Hadi Batik
for Mass Production garment up till now.

Teaching at future Fashion School Textile & Development
up till now.

Indonesian Culture in South Africa Cape Town, Johanesburg
September 15-25 1996

Member at The Indonesian Fashion Designer Council

Member of Indonesian Batik Foundation Y.B.I

Trend 1997 I.F.D.C World Batik Conference
Yogya, November 1997

Seminar on coloring with non chemical process,
Department Trade Industri November 1998

Asean Design Show for CNN Elsa Klench Style
Manila Philipina, Desember 1998

Trend 1998, Art & Culture Museum Jakarta

Trend 1999, Fashion Cafe Jakarta

Trend 2000, Bidakara, Jakarta

Baginda Raya Permaisuri Agong show
with coordinated Rumah Ayu Martha Tilaar in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia August 25 & 27, 2000.

The Birth of Batik Stretch, October 11, 2000
Working and research with Dupont Lycra to
launch batik on stretch (Lycra).

Infinita2002, November 11, 2001
Exploring the Eastern part of Indonesia in their
tribal ethnic artefacts.

Batik of change, February 1 - March 2, 2002
Exhibition in Handwerksform Hannover,
Germany. Consist of 27 Batik Makers from
Europe, United states, Australia and other Asian


The professional services of
is guided by design philosophi in stressing the relationship of cooperative client realizations dedication to enchancing the human environment. Understanding processes evailibility of management information and acces to the latest technology and design are among other issues which have received major attention.

It is our intention to make P.T. Amtrend Sentana Garment as professionaly based, client focused, team spirited and major conculting cooperation.

o Design sketches
o Sample design of textiles
o Sample design of product garment
o Measurement
o Tayloring
o Time schedule delivery
o Quality These service may be offered independently or together with other services which normally the preparations of design briefs and necessary changing in sketches and material to be used supporting the product.


was built 1982,
with base at:
Jl. Wijaya Timur Raya # 99, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta

It has Studio Show Room,
Production House Garment, Textile Design Room etc.